This is us


Everyone has a story; your story is unique to you and continues to be written every day. Our story has many chapters that define us and make us who we are, but our story was never meant to be lived alone. We believe that God has designed us to connect with others and share his love with the world around us.

There is something amazing that happens when people share life together within a family of believers that give us the support and hope that we need. Christ calls this family his church where people find hope and purpose through a relationship with him. This relationship has the potential to transform our communities and the world around us when we serve as the body of Christ.

We want you to know that church is more than just a place we visit on Sunday, it’s a living breathing extension of who Jesus Christ is. The church exists to connect people with their communities and accomplish the mission that all believers are called to be a part of. Jesus encouraged us to go and share the gospels good news with the nations and we are committed to doing this starting in our homes and communities.

Oceans Church is a place where you can find hope and belong. We want you to recognize how valuable you are to God, grow in your faith and reach your potential through a relationship with Christ.

We believe that when we serve we should give nothing less than our best, so we worship with passion and are committed to serving with excellence from the parking lot to the pulpit.

We love people and can’t wait to meet you, Welcome to Oceans Church.

Pastor, Eric Dawes

Oceans Church